While in The Gambia, I wrote enough to fill three journals. Although I am safe and sound back at home now, and on my way to CMC, I want to post a few more of my experiences. Besides wanting to share some of my more unique stories and a few of my opinions, I want to make sure I preserve the memories and thoughts that created the most interesting and eye-opening two months of my life.

When I got home, people kept asking me if anything bad happened, if I got sick, what happened with my bags, how the heat was, etc. But for the sake of my safety and perhaps at the loss of some crazy stories, my time in The Gambia was incredibly accident-free. My bags arrived and returned safely, I never got sick or even had indigestion, and I was injury-free. I didn’t even witness any accidents. However, I did get robbed for $7, which so far has been one of the favorite stories amongst my friends. My time in the hyena cage and at the alligator pond was trauma free, and I didn’t even get blown up by the multiple taxis who found no issues with filling up the gas tank with the engine running. My experience will be remembered as challenging and strengthening, but altogether positive and educational.

The next few posts are a combination of reflections on my time abroad and pieces I wrote while in The Gambia. The reverse culture shock has actually gotten to me more than the jetlag. Who would have thought that it would be strange to return to the place you have known your entire life?

While in The Ga…


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