Today is a very exciting day over here, firstly because I found somewhere that serves chocolate milk. The chocolate milk sold in supermarkets here is non-refrigerated. And because that has terrified me and I do not understand how that is possible, I have gone chocolate-milkless for 4 weeks! If you know me well, you know that this is incredibly uncharacteristic and somewhat shocking. But even more exciting, I have good enough internet connection to upload photos onto my blog! I have posted some photos below and will hopefully be able to upload more in the future.


The beaches here are incredible- the water is warm, the sand is soft, and in the evening everyone gathers to exercise and play soccer, rugby, volleyball or just take a swim at the beach.


This photo is from the local marketplace, called Serrekunda, which is so crowded it can sometimes be hard to move at all. There is an overwhelming amount of color and some quite interesting smells, and it’s where many locals go to buy their fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, etc. It also houses the local blacksmith, live goats and chickens for sale, and lots and lots of flies.


Sleeping vendor at Serrekunda market.


Another vendor at Serrekunda market with his groundnuts.


Women selling charcoal at Serrekunda.



Lebato beach, where we often eat dinner and play rugby on Tuesday and Sunday.


My neighborhood!!

So far I have taken over 300 photos, so this is just a small portion and I have many more to share. Hopefully I can get some more added soon. For now, I will continue editing grant proposals and reading peoples’ English essays for grammar. Ramadan starts tomorrow, and I have been told that the slow nature of the country (be here at 9 really means try to be here before the day ends) is furthered by the fasting, which I completely understand. If I wasn’t allowed to eat between sunrise and sunset you probably couldn’t get me to do much either. More to come on that later.


Today is a very…


One thought on “Today is a very…

  1. Richard Springwater says:

    Hi Cam, its Noah’s Dad. You are probably safer with an aseptic box of chocolate milk than with milk that needs refrigeration. Here’s a link to aseptic packaging:

    You shouldn’t have to go without chocolate milk, ever.
    I love your blog.

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