The Countdown Begins!

I have created this blog to serve as a travel journal for my 8 week adventure to The Gambia this summer. I just finished my sophomore year of college at CMC, so what better time to travel 6,492 miles away for a summer internship?! The Center for Human Rights Leadership at CMC has been a great help to me in terms of planning and funding my internship, and Mike McConnell, a close friend of my father’s and the former director of the Peace Corps in the Gambia, has given me wonderful guidance and advice throughout this entire process. On June 15, my mom and I will be flying to Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges for 5 days, after which I will hop on a plane and fly to Banjul, the capital city in the smallest country on mainland Africa. For 8 weeks, I will be working with an institution very familiar to me, the YMCA, in a country and lifestyle that is definitely not.

I have secured an internship at the YMCA in Banjul, where I will also be living. The YMCA’s website can be found at I will be working in the Computer Training Center and Digital Studio, helping with technology and documentary education for local children and schools, and getting to coach some basketball on the side. Needless to say, this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and I am counting down the minutes until I board that plane. Until then, enjoying what we call “summer” in San Francisco, probably called “fog and wind” for the rest of you.

The concept of a blog is pretty new to me, but here’s hoping I can somehow put into words my travels and experiences this summer.


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